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World's largest dealer of new, Continuation Series Shelby Cobras and where you will find quality classic Shelbys for sale.

Plug-in Motorwerks
The world's FIRST hi-performance electric vehicle fan site. We have photos and information on pure electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Check out our for sale page for used electric vehicles.

Dynamic Motorsports
The collector's source for vintage, classic, and special interest collectible automobiles. Our services include locating specific investment quality collector cars for customers around the world, consulting, pre-purchase inspections, private collection management, collector car storage, appraisals, market analysis, private sales negotiations, and museum curation. Call or write to us to find the specific collector car you're looking for.

Classic Car Lending
We know that making the right financing and leasing decision is an important consideration for any classic car collector. We'll help you navigate all the options you have available and find the best answer; one that's right for you!

Mark Logan, owner of, was recently featured for the second time on the History Channel’s show Pawn Stars in the Season 3, Episode 18 "Ready, Set, Pawn".

Rick and the Old Man were presented with a 1965 Shelby Cobra aluminum body and chassis. Unaware of it’s market value & authenticity, they called Mark for some expertise. Download the episode "Sharks and Cobras" on iTunes. Or see Mark's second appearance by downloading Ready, Set Pawn on iTunes.

Parts, Accessories & Services

VINData Classic Car Vehicle History
Would you like to see a complete car history for your classic Mustang? Until recently, under 17 digit VIN number lookups were unavailable. Not anymore!
Collectable, Vintage and Classic Car Locating Service and Dealership. Where you'll find top quality muscle cars, classics, and special interest collector cars for sale.

American Tire, Wheels, Tires in Anaheim, Bakersfield, Barstow, and Burbank
Offers affordable car tires and wheels in Southern California including Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, and Whittier

Touch Up Paint features a complete line of touch up paint for classic Mustangs.

Ford Motor Company
Your one stop source for everything from the Big Blue Oval.

Mustang Nightmares
How NOT to buy a classic Mustang. Learn from Skip’s expensive lesson.

Carroll Shelby and the Cobra

Carroll Shelby Merchandise
Models, Apparel, Artwork, Keychains, Books, DVDs, Sporting Goods and Much More!
Check out the Carroll Shelby Wine Ultimate Collectors Edition!

History of Carroll Shelby
Born January 11th, 1923, and left a lasting legacy! Find out more...!

Click Here to Buy a Shelby Through Our Sister Site, Shelby-Cars NW!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Classic Mustangs
What should you know when you're looking for a Classic Mustang? What color should you paint your engine? How do you remove front seats? What is an export brace? A Monte Carlo bar? This site will tell you all of this, and a lot more.

PA and NJ Lemon Law
Free Lemon Law help for Pennsylvania and New Jersey consumers of defective cars. Honored by the American Bar Association.

Ultimate E-Book for Car Information
One of our visitors turned us on to this site where you can find lots of information on cars (both classic and modern), car insurance, driving laws and more!

Access Vegas
Las Vegas Shows, Hotels, Show Tickets, and Newsletter.


Mag Wheels

New Car Dealers Adelaide
Looking for a new car? At Australian Motors, we sell a large range of Mitsubishi's, Mazda's, Mercedes Benz Vans and Peugeot's.

Essex Racing Spares
This site is based in the UK, and offers many Mustang spare parts, check out their page!

Mustang and Shelby Clubs

The mission of Muscle Cars of America is to connect you to the most current Industry information we possibly can, in an easily understood, user friendly format.

Mustang Club of America
The granddaddy of Mustang clubs, with links to local clubs throughout the US

Shelby American Automobile Club
Founded in 1975 and dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of the World Championship cars from Shelby American, 1961 - 1970

Mustangs Northwest
One of the largest and oldest Mustang clubs. Their four day "Round Up" event each July draws thousands.

Copper State Mustang Club
Founded in 1979 and serves as the unifying force and a forum for Mustang enthusiasts in Phoenix and other cities in Arizona.

Treasure Valley Mustang Club
This Boise based club is a group of Mustang and Special Interest Ford enthusiasts for all years of Mustang and Special Interest Fords.

Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)
No matter what your motorsports interest, there's a program to match in the Sports Car Club of America.

Boss 429 World Registry
The "official home page" of the Boss 429 world registry. These guys (and presumably gals) specialize in Boss 429 parts and restoration.

Golden Hills Mustang Club
(MCA affiliate) - The first Mustang Club West of the Rockies

Mustang and Shelby Prices

The information contained in the following web sites is based on historical data compiled over the last three to six months, and may not reflect current prices.
The NADA is one of many sources that can provide information about the retail value of a Classic Mustang.

CPI Value Guide
Updated quarterly, Cars of Particular Interest (CPI) is one of the best and most respected sources of of classic car prices. Click to find out what a Mustang (or any other collector car) in "excellent" condition is worth.

A pretty slick web site with lots of automotive information, including used car pricing.
Avoid the scams. Car dealers hate this site, but it is definitely worth reading. Check out the "top 10 dealer scams".
Another source of new and used car pricing.

A respected source of all things automotive. Find out what it's worth with their "price checker"


1968-1970 428 Cobra Jet Registry
Scott Hollenbeck maintains this site devoted to all Cobra Jet Mustangs.

Boss 302 Registry
An online resource and showcase for the proud members of the registry and aficionados for one of Ford Motor Company's classic automobiles

1970 Mach I Registry
Written in both English and French

Mustang II Registry
The registry contains 1150 registered Mustang IIs from over 30 countries stored in an online, searchable database.

Boss 429 Registry
Historical information about these rare NASCAR Mustangs. Established in 1974.


Bullitt, The Movie
Wolfgang Kohrn, David Kunz and Anthony Bologna have tracked down the guy that has allegedly tracked down the last surviving Mustang co-star of the movie. It's almost cliché, but the author claims it's in a Kentucky barn rusting!